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Mexican Roots, American Soil

image of bookcover Mexican Roots, American Soil

Mexican Roots, American Soil: A Quest for the American Dream

Mexican Roots, American Soil: A Quest for the American Dream traces the journey of the author’s family members who fled the battlegrounds of the Mexican Revolution, successfully escaping the firing squads of Pancho Villa and crossing the border in 1916. Thereafter, the story transitions into the author’s autobiography. This is not a dry memoir.

Ernie Bringas has been a teacher, a preacher and a rock & roll feature. His life has been exciting and somewhat of a roller coaster ride. Ride with him from the tough streets of Watts in LA to the palm tree-covered streets in Beverly Hills, not to mention the investigative hunt for a serial killer, and much more. Bringas states that he looks more like the Gingerbread Man than the Pillsbury Doughboy. His students say he looks more like Barney Fife. Whatever the case, he is an American through and through. This often-humorous autobiography of a first generational Mexican American illustrates through a real-life example that the “sky’s the limit” for anyone in search of the American Dream.

Immigration issues will continue to be front line controversies for years to come. Mexican Roots, American Soil seeks to help Americans recognize that the welcome mat afforded incoming immigrants does not have a one-sided advantage. Immigrants continue to weave their unique threads into the American fabric. Their intellectual, creative, and artistic contributions are the bloodline that keeps our nation from becoming anemic, and stagnant.