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JESUSGATE: A History of Concealment Unraveled

JESUSGATE book cover
Revised Third Edition 2121

This is not a religious book; it is a book about religion.  Overall, this work exposes the reasons why our society continues to splash around in the backwaters of 17th century religious naiveté, and provides the knowledge that will help diminish that debilitating handicap.

Specifically, this writing seeks to assess the Jesusgate phenomenon.  The term Jesusgate, used herein, indicates that Christian leaders, by acts of commission and omission, have seriously neglected their responsibility to share with the laity vital information about the origins of Christianity and the Jesus tradition.  As a result, an incredible knowledge gap has ensued between what scholars of religion now know, as opposed to what lay people have been led to believe (be they parishioners in the pew, or the person on the street), thereby rendering them religiously illiterate.  One cannot reason but from what one knows.

Ignorance of our religious obsolescence has created consequences for our society that are far-reaching.  It has disrupted the quality of life on all levels, be they personal, societal, political, scientific, or otherwise.  In Jesusgate, the problem sees the light of day, and is explained in words that are powerful, understandable, and enlightening.  JESUSGATE is now in print in it’s revised third edition 2021.


  1. By Grady Harp (Amazon’s Hall of Fame reviewer):  “Ernie Bringas . . . in addition to [his] learned background he owns a gift for writing that combines scholarship with intellectual honesty and serves this fine combination with a flair for wit and humor and warmth of communication . . . This is a very important book for everyone and hopefully will find a wide readership . . .”
  2. Catherine Bradford, CPC, CCht, Talk Show Host:  “Ernie Bringas’ Jesusgate has cleared the clutter from any belief I’ve held about Jesus and, more importantly, strengthen my spiritual connection to the Divine. Ernie’s dedication to truth is the gift this world needs. His work lights the path toward creating true peace and spiritual harmony.”
  3. Rev. Dr. Barbara Doerrer-Peacock, Ph.D. (Pastor in the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church):  “I really love Ernie Bringas’ writing style.  Jesusgate has such a great blend of clearly defined scholarship, enhanced by humor, delightful metaphors, and illustrations.  I wish all my seminary textbooks had been written this way!  Whew…it would have saved a lot of knotting and blood clots in my brain!  One does not usually anticipate chuckling through a sweeping  account of  the deceptions and repressions of Christian history, yet that is precisely what Ernie Bringas’ Jesusgate  offers readers.  It is an enjoyable and gently humorous read as well as a good, stiff, eye-opening account of how the Christian Church has succumbed throughout its history to successive cover-ups and collusions to keep the truth of critical and historical scholarship concealed from is members, even up to the present day.”
  1. Rev. Andy Burnette (Pastor in the Unitarian Universalist Church):  “Fantastic work!  As a former evangelical minister who had to leave my church when I couldn’t keep my seminary learning to myself, I am grateful for Ernie’s book. Christians of all stripes will benefit from his scholarship and his wit. The conspiracy of ignorance between seminary and pulpit is stunting Christianity, and Ernie does us all a service by bringing it to light.”
  2. Scott Cluthe’s P I Radio – Dec 14, 2012 … In Jesusgate, the problem sees the light of day, and is explained in words that are powerful, understandable, and enlightening. Ernie Bringas …
    Ernie Bringas on Scott-Cluthes radio Positively Incorrect


  • Published by Rainbow Ridge Books, 2013
  • Third printed, revised, release 2021
  • Purchase Book at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
  • Paperback: 320 pages.