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Ernie Bringas

Author, Minister & Singer

ERNIE BRINGAS is the author of five books.

His most recent book, Ernie-isms: A Lifetime of Original Witticisms, Wise Sayings, Jokes and Poems, was released on April 7, 2022. His previous book, Mexican Roots, American Soil: A Quest for the American Dream, was released August 2016. See more below, or use the site menu to explore each of these books, or, find them on Amazon.

He has a Master of Divinity degree from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio, and was ordained as a minister of the United Methodist Church.

He served the Church for almost twenty years before venturing into academe, where he taught Religious Studies at Glendale Community College in Arizona for twenty-one years.  Under their auspices, he previously taught these classes at Arizona State University.

Singer / Producer

images of Ernie Bringas - A Founder of The Rip Chords

Interesting to note, during the early 1960s Ernie, with partner Phil Stewart, founded a rock group that came to be known as The Rip Chords.   Legendary producer Terry Melcher and future Beach Boy, Bruce Johnston, joined their group shortly thereafter.  Recording on the Columbia Records label, they placed five hit singles on the Billboard Hot 100.

Video: The Story of the RipChords

He recorded a documentary entitled ‘The Story of the Rip Chords’  in his own voice, and even sang along with some of the Rip Chord songs. You can hear his voice, which allows you to hear his unique voice on the original recordings!  Here is that video of  Ernie, recorded at Glendale Community College in Phoenix, Arizona in 2017:

The Story of The Rip Chords video can be watched as an embedded video above, or you can see it on YouTube directly at:


Ernie-isms: A Lifetime of Original Witticisms, Wise Sayings, Jokes and Poems

Ernie-isms contains an amazing array of insights culminated from a lifetime of personal experiences. With his background as a poet, recording artist, composer, minister, educator, counselor,  and writer, the 82-year-old Ernie Bringas offers the reader a humorous and memorable collection of witticisms, wise sayings, jokes, and poems. He delivers convincing discernment on questions regarding animal equality, elders, IQ, marriage, religion, science, sex, Trumpism, war, youth, and numerous other subjects from A to Y (sorry, no Z). This book may evoke some disagreement, but Ernie welcomes dissent. In his own words, he says: “The tree of knowledge bears no fruit, if all we do is follow suit.” If you’re looking for a fun and unique mind stretch, this is it. 

Mexican Roots, American Soil: A Quest for the American Dream

image of bookcover Mexican Roots, American Soil

Mexican Roots, American Soil: A Quest for the American Dream traces the journey of the author’s family members who fled the battlegrounds of the Mexican Revolution, successfully escaping the firing squads of Pancho Villa and crossing the border in 1916. Thereafter, the story transitions into the author’s autobiography.

This is not a dry memoir. Ernie Bringas has been a teacher, a preacher and a rock & roll feature. His life has been exciting and somewhat of a roller coaster ride. Ride with him from the tough streets of Watts in LA to the palm tree-covered streets in Beverly Hills, not to mention the investigative hunt for a serial killer…  see more 

JESUSGATE: A History of Concealment Unraveled

Now in its revised third edition 2021

JESUSGATE book cover

This is not a religious book; it is a book about religion.

Overall, this work exposes the reasons why our society continues to splash around in the backwaters of 17th century religious naiveté, and provides the knowledge that will help diminish that debilitating handicap.

Specifically, this writing seeks to assess the Jesusgate phenomenon…   see more

Created Equal: A Case for the Animal-Human Connection

image of bookcover Created Equal

Many great thinkers throughout history, including Lincoln, Gandhi, Einstein, and Edison, have been vocal supporters of the sanctity of all life and opponents of the notion that humans have dominion over the Earth’s creatures. Tragically, the majority of our society regards animals as inferior, often resulting in cruelty and the pointless deaths of millions of animals.

Ably written by United Methodist minister Ernie Bringas, Created Equal: A Case For The Animal-Human Connection persuasively argues for the concept of animal-human equality…  see more

Going by the Book: Past and Present Tragedies of Biblical Authority

image of bookcover Going By The Book

Are biblical writings the unquestionable divine word of God, to be followed as the ultimate authority? Many Christians still cling to this belief, while most biblical scholars today would question such an assumption.

In Going by the Book, Ernie Bringas asserts that Christians and non-Christians alike are “victims of a knowledge gap which places them at a level of religious understanding much more appropriate to the seventeenth century.”  In other fields, scholarship and new discoveries gradually modify and expand old beliefs. Yet sacred scripture continues to be an unquestioned source of truth…   see more

More About Ernie:

Ernie Bringas has ratings and reviews from Glendale Community College Glendale, AZ United States.  See what his students say about him: