Education and Steppingstones

I am a product—perhaps a casualty—of a university and seminary education.  I know that some of what I consider to be the best approximation of the truth will, for future generations, need qualification, refinement, and perhaps replacement. And yet, what our generation has to offer is extremely important because we are the steppingstones that will impact future development on all levels, even as our present knowledge has mushroomed from the steps and missteps of past generations.  Steppingstones, no matter how primitive, or off target, remain indispensable; they are an integral part of the evolutionary process. It has never been otherwise. ~ Ernie Bringas

Miracles and Science

Miracles are not provable by scientific standards of observation and are defined as resting outside of the natural order.  I believe that what we call a miracle is nothing more than a natural event not yet fully understood. But from a faith perspective, “natural” events are themselves miraculous because, when you think about it, there’s really nothing natural about the natural order (if you get my drift). ~ Ernie Bringas

Love and Truth

Aside from practicing love, the search for truth should be humanity’s prime directive, its ultimate commitment . . . period! Everything else is secondary, including the gods, sacred books, ultimate saviors and all other supernatural speculations. ~ Ernie Bringas


I’ve always wanted to know about the enigmatic nature of our existence.  I know now that I will never know; and the realization that I will never know is something I never wanted to know. ~ Ernie Bringas